Make Music


Click here to sign-up as a performer, venue, or both! We are THRILLED to have you join us!

Information for participants:

Thinking about performing for Make Music Day Rochester?  We’d love to have you!  Here are a few guidelines to keep in mind for your performance:

-Participants are welcome to perform throughout the city of Rochester either on sidewalks, or private property.  If you’re performing on a sidewalk, please keep a 5 foot path clear for pedestrians.

-If you wish to perform on a private property, you may choose from any of the pre-registered locations on our VENUES list.  If you choose to perform on a private property which is NOT a pre-registered venue, you must get permission from the property owner.

-Please remember that as a performer, you are responsible for providing your own equipment, or making arrangements with your selected venue for such.  Performers are also responsible for setting up and taking down equipment, as well as keeping the performance area clean.

Thank you for participating, we can’t wait to experience your performance!