Make Music

Participate (VIRTUALLY!)

Participating in Make Music Rochester will be a little different this year, but it’ll still connect people through music across our community!

Click here to sign-up as a performer, virtual venue, or both! We are THRILLED to have you join us!  You’ll notice four different virtual stages if you register as a performer.  Click the “All About Virtual Make Music Rochester” tab above to learn more.

Information for participants:

Thinking about participating in Make Music Day Rochester (Virtual Edition)?  We’d love to have you!  Here are some guidelines:

-All Make Music Day festivities worldwide will be virtual this year.  The Make Music Alliance will only be producing virtual (and independent if happening IRL) performances/celebrations.  We ask that you please practice social distancing with any event you may organize on your own in honor of Make Music Day.

-Make Music Rochester’s official festival hours are 11am-11pm on Sunday, June 21st, 2020 so this is when we’d prefer you perform/post.

-You are welcome to perform wherever you’d like and virtually busk (Venmo, PayPal, etc. are all acceptable) — if you share recordings or live performances on social media, be sure to use #makemusicroc and #makemusicday so we see and can share your posts. White folx: please consider donating a portion of what you raise to a BIPOC organization!

-Sign up on Gemini to have your performance or virtual venue officially listed and promoted.

-If you have a recorded performance available for streaming all day long, register with the performance time as 11am-11pm (the full length of Make Music Rochester).

Thank you for participating, we can’t wait to experience your performance!